As a maker...

As a maker I am breathing life into objects around me. Objects are, and have always been, mystic to me. I feel inclined to believe that they have a life of their own. With my work, I intend to give form to this magical sensation and create a life for the given object and offering the viewer a possible connection with it. I wish for the observer to enter my imaginary world where my work has grown and seems to continue growing.

I am inspired by how things in nature grow. I lend principals from nature and apply them in my work. By adding this a feeling of growth I intend to create the feeling of a living object. I think that nature is something that makes us in some way reconnect with our childhood. Overall I am interested in the relation between the natural and the artificial and how I can combine it.

The idea of my work belonging to an imaginary dreamscape gives me a floating sensation and it allows me in some way to let my mind free and imagine things. This world becomes the environment where my objects morph, transform and convert the everyday into a fantasy. I imagine my objects desiring to become alive and mutate into other forms with other functions. I am playing a game of what if? My work turns the everyday function of familiar objects upside down.