Hurtigkarl is a unique handmade jewellery and silverware brand launched in 2014 by Sarah Hurtigkarl. Sarah Hurtigkarl is an applied artist with a background in goldsmithing and a master degree from Royal College of Art in London. 

Sarah Hurtigkarl’s work embodies a wide variety of expressions from jewellery to tableware and sculpture. The work of Hurtigkarl reflects a sophisticated treatment of materials and a handmade quality. Sarah is based in Stockholm and is one of the founders of the collaborative initiative Fasett, a studio and showroom. All pieces are hand-made so no mass production which is reflected in the price.



2016 Ung svensk Form, Galleri Midori.so2, Tokyo
2016 Ung Svensk Form, Storsjöyran, Östersund, Sverige
2016 Ung Svensk Form, Form/Design Center, Malmö, Sverige
2016 Smycke Utställning, Svenskt Tenn, Stockholm, Sverige
2016 Ung Svensk Form, ArkDes, Stockholm, Sverige
2016 Ung Svensk Form, Stockholm Furnitura and light fair, Sverige
2016 Dining Shore, Fasett, Stockholm, Sverige
2015 Experimental Dining Event, Steinbeisser, Lloyd Hotel, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2015 Ag, Gallery Movitz, Stockholm, Sweden
2015 High Noon, Gallery L-store, Seoul, Korea
2014 Hammered!, Museumet på Koldinghus, Denmark
2014 Espace Solidor, Place du Château, Haut-de-Cagne, France
2014 Sugar, Galleri Platina, Stockholm, Sweden
2013 Highlights, Galleri Montan, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Open West, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum, Cheltenham, UK
2013 The Open West, Newark Park, Gloucestershire, UK
2013 Biennalen 2013, Runde Tårn, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 The Black of Night in summer, Gallery Mano Motus, Copenhagen, Denmark
2013 Spoon | Fed, Center for Craft, Creativity & Design, Hendersonville, USA
2013 Hybrid, Gallery Parallel, Stockholm, Sweden
2013 Saplings - 360° Vision, Pinakothek Der Moderne, Munich, Germany
2013 The Black of Night, Galleri Seilduken, Olso, Norway
2012 Sleep 2012, London, UK
2012 A Spatial Surprise, Mint gallery, London, UK
2012 Sweet Instruments of Desire, V&A, Studio William Welch, London, UK
2012 Graduate show, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands
2012 Final Show, Royal College of Art, London UK
2012 Pewter Live 2012, Pewter hall, London, UK
2012 Miniatures, Cupola Gallery, Sheffield, Uk.
2012 UK touring exhibition of Studio William Welch, London, UK
2012 Interim Show, Royal College of Art, UK
2011-2012 Give and Take, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands  
2011 IT'S. Trieste, Italy
2011  "Talente", Munich, Germany
2011  "Work in progress", Royal College of Art, London, UK
2010  ”In Corpo Rated”, Nutida Svenskt Silver, Stockholm, Sweden
2010  ”Broochmania” Galerie Rob Koudijs, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
2010 ”Spring exhibition”, Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden.
2009  “Understudy” Konstfack, Stockholm, Sweden.
2009 “Squatting corpus” at Karen Pontoppidan’s home, Munich, Germany.


National Museum of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden.
IT*S Achieve, Trieste, Italy.

Ung svensk form 2016
IT'S Jewellery Award, Trieste, Italy, 2011
Honourable mention from William Welch Studio Desert Cutlery Competition, 2012